Deceived bride discovered after months of sex man

Deceived bride discovered after months of sex man

World July 14, 2016 15:15

boyolali - The brand new wedding couple Efendi Saputra (40) and Heniyati (25) in Boyolali in Central Java is on the rocks after Heniyati discovered that her husband Efendi actually a woman after a while. The local police investigating the case.

Heniyati discovered the true identity of her husband after three months of marriage. Reported Jakarta Post. 'They falsified any documents for marriage. She changed her name and sex from woman to man. My family and I were deceived. We feel so ashamed, 'said the bride cheated Thursday.

The couple met less than a year ago, in late 2015. Heniyati recalls her encounter with Efendi, who then claimed that she was a police officer. Efendi could raise all the appearances by her masculine appearance with the typical short style of a police officer. After dating a period of six months, the loving couple got married in.
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After they were married, but suspected Heniyati began to find that her 'husband' refused to go into the marriage playground. Doubts Heniyati led to searching for information about her 'husband'. One day she opened Efendi's purse and found the identity card of a woman named Suwarti. Heniyati Efendi confronted with this, but she refused to give openness of business and then Efendi left the house. Heniyati and her family made when reporting the matter to the police.

Police chief Agung Suyono of Boyolali confirms the incident and the work of the police. The first results of the research is clear that Suwarti had falsified her personal documents for marriage. Efendi, or Suwarti, seems to have paid people to pretend they were her family at the wedding, said Agung.

'We are still watching what was the reason for her behavior,' said police officer Suyono. Suwarti or Efendi, will be laid fraud and forgery charges.

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