Death-struck baby India still died

World December 6, 2017 11:24

new delhi - A baby who had been wrongly declared dead has, according to the authorities in India, still died. The boy died according to a relative because of 'infection and other medical problems.' The case led to a lot of commotion.

The parents recently heard from the hospital that their twins had been born dead. They reportedly received the remains of the two children in a bag. The parents later discovered that the boy was still alive. The authorities confirm to Indian media that the child has since died.

Researchers had previously established that there was negligence. Two doctors lost their jobs. The boy's family has stepped to the police. The father thinks that his child contracted an infection after being wrapped in plastic.

The brother of the father said that the family keeps the hospital responsible for the death of the child. 'We are currently protesting outside the hospital,' said the brother by telephone to the Hindustan Times newspaper. 'We demand that they take immediate action. '

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