'Data 143 million Americans on the Street'

'Data 143 million Americans on the Street'

World September 7, 2017 23:03

new york - The personal data of 143 million Americans are on the streets. The name, address and BSN number of the victims are now known by hackers. Also problematic: those 'criminals' have seen 209,000 credit card numbers.

That says credit assessor Equifax, a company from Atalanta. 'Criminals' would have misused an American website to see files. That happened between May and July 2017.

Names, birth dates, addresses, BSN numbers and some drivers license numbers have now been perceived by the criminals. Or having the chance to store all data is not known.

Perhaps more problematic is the fact that 209,000 credit card numbers have been perceived by the criminals. Fortunately, Equifax reported that there were no other nationalities, in some British and Canadian countries, afterwards.

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