Daily thousands of Rohingya crossed the border

World October 23, 2017 13:45

geneva - Already a million Rohingya Muslims fled from Myanmar to neighboring Bangladesh. An untenable situation, the UN Envoy of that country, calling on Myanmar, to recapture the refugees.

Since the end of August, 600,000 people from this Islamic minority have crossed the border with Bangladesh. They fled for the violence of security forces. 'This is the biggest exodus from one country since the 1994 Rwanda genocide,' said Shameem Ahsan, the Bengali ambassador to the United Nations. According to him, the violence in Rakhine, a state in the northeast of Myanmar where the violence has arisen, has not stopped at all. 'Thousands still enter daily. '

In Geneva, a donor conference is about the refugee stream. The European Union releases 30 million euros for humanitarian aid to the Rohingya, so it was announced. MSF has drastically scaled up aid in Bangladesh: thousands of emergency workers are working to help refugees- often sick and weakened-.

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