Cyber ​​criminals more harshly

Cyber ​​criminals more harshly

Tech July 25, 2016 14:33

- Investigation services and attract international computer security since together today to cybercriminals who 'ransomware' spreading harder to tackle. In The Hague, Europol, the National Police, Intel Security and Kaspersky Lab join hands beaten today to share more information on criminals and disrupt their cash flows.

According to the organizations, the number of infections 'ransomware' shockingly quick. The criminals strike by infecting computers, block files and then demand money from infected computer users. Alone at security firm Kaspersky Lab, there were from 2014 to 2015 131 000 known attacks, in 2015 to 2016 this number rose to 718. 000.

At the National Police was insufficient knowledge available to the cybercriminals, who operate globally, to address widespread. According to Wilbert Paulissen of the National Police was a collaboration against these so-called ransomware criminals than necessary. Not only to pick up the criminals, but also to disturb the flow of funds. 'But the important thing is that computer users can also protect themselves,' he says. 'Prevention is better than cure. '
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The four parties have the website www. nomoreransom. org into the air, where users can report infected by so-called 'ransomware'. Also there you can find information how infection can be prevented. According to the parties, it is important that all cases are reported.

The four parties advising computer users infected with ransomware, contact with the police and to transfer money to the cyber criminals.

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