Customer brunt of bitcoinroof

Customer brunt of bitcoinroof

Tech August 9, 2016 08:57

amsterdam - The hacked bitcoinbeurs Bitfinex let all customers pay the $ 65 million in bitcoin that was stolen last week. Everyone should take a loss of about 36%.

Bitcoin owners who have parked their digital coins at Bitfinex be offset by the trading platform in the form of a digital currency BFX. Which can be exchanged for shares iFinex, the parent company of Bitfinex.

More details about who was behind the bitcoin-roof, the bitcoinbeurs hopes to give soon. The site should be operational again from today. Immediately after the robbery entered the site from the air and there were no more bitcoins on or sold. Bitfinex bitcoinbeurs is the largest outside of China, last month 600 000 bitcoins were sold through the site.
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Bitfinex customers are not happy with the solution. They complain that shareholders shirking their responsibility to the customer.

The roof also explains one of the weaknesses of bitcoin exposed. Bitcoin is not regulated. Victims can not knock on a supervisor in case of theft or loss.

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