Cupcatches Turkey Cup for Judge

Cupcatches Turkey Cup for Judge

World August 1, 2017 12:00

ankara - The lawsuit against the alleged headlines of the coup attempt last summer in Turkey started in Ankara on Tuesday. Together, 486 suspects are justified by throwing out the government of President Erdogan.

Among them is the former commander of the Air Force Akin Öztürk who, together with some other Air Force-based military forces Akinci, is seen as the leaders behind the rebel. From that base, the F16 fighter jets were involved in the coup. The air force base is considered to be the 'headquarters' of the captains.

In Turkey, several lawsuits against prosecutors of the failed coup run on July 15 last year, which cost more than 250 people their lives. The Turkish government believes that the spiritual fethullah Gülen living in the US is behind the coup.

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