Cruise tourists have to dive for pirates

Cruise tourists have to dive for pirates

World August 8, 2017 07:42

amsterdam - A small 2000 cruise gangers stood out for ten days during their pepper trip.

During the 104-day trip from Sydney to Dubai, they had to be quiet on board ten days after the invasion of darkness. Also, all the lights went out on the outside. The captain had ordered that from fear of an attack of pirates for the African coast.

For the trip with the super-deluxe Sea Princess, the passengers had paid 50. 000 euros.

Along the Indian Ocean, but also in the Gulf of Aden and the Suez Canal, the security measures were golden, the Australian News writes. Com. Au. The nightclubs on board, live shows and comedy acts all swept as soon as the sun went down. The barracks were also closed.

Passengers described the rough ride as if they were on a ghost ship. The mood was all about when exercises had to be held. Passengers in the cabins were asked to close the balcony doors and to sit on the entrance at the 'drill'.

Three tourists refused to participate in the exercise. According to the Australian news site, that was because they did not want to interrupt their game of bridge.

The risk of robbery for cruise ships is not very big at all. During the past twelve years, six reports have been made of attempts to board.

Were you aboard the Sea Princess? Mail to news service @ telegraph. Nl

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