Criticized plans new login system government

Criticized plans new login system government

Tech September 8, 2016 13:18

- Plans for a new way to log in encounter with the government to criticism. There is still unclear about the new system of digital identification, for example, about the vulnerability and the cost.

This enables the NCA Thursday. The audit checks whether the government spends money and policy performs as planned.

Now mainly used as DigiD citizens and businesses identify, for example, the tax return or requesting an additional cost. But DigiD and other current resources are vulnerable. The government wants a more secure system that is reliable and always available.
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According to the Court has not yet decided what requirements must meet new resources, but also do not know about the protection of privacy and surveillance. The auditors also wonder whether the intention is that a citizen eventually has one or more agents.

The Court also criticizes several ministries, government agencies, corporations and autonomous agencies are involved in initiatives. It is called a complicated situation.

Furthermore, it is unclear what will be the total cost. For this and next year is 23 million euros earmarked to develop the new system. Also not yet clear or pay later for citizens every time they log in or when they buy a new card.

The Lower House is currently difficult to assess whether the decision by the government on renewing the current DigiD on order, concludes the supervisory authority.

Digital identification with DigiD to access to public services is increasingly used: last year 200 million times.

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