Critic critic Senator Corker on Trump

World October 24, 2017 16:33

washington - US Senator Bob Corker, Chairman of the Senate Commission for External Relations, has taken a firm dragging to Donald Trump on Tuesday. He said in an interview with CNN that the president is constantly lying down and that he has lowered the United States and undermined the relationships worldwide.

In recent days, both Republicans have already messed up with Twitter via Twitter. 'The president has great trouble with the truth. Unfortunately, world leaders know that. Trump deliberately breaks down international relations that were useful to us. But he will, I think, be remembered most because of our country's degradation, 'said Corker in the Capitol.

There, Trump will later receive Senate members in an effort to make consensus for his tax reforms. Corker sees nothing in the plans, thus posing a threat to Trump given the small Republican majority in the Senate (52-48). He also said he would not support CNN Trump again in an election campaign.

Trump responded with a tweet in which he called Corker an 'incompetent' committee chairman who 'absolutely did not realize that the whole world laughed and benefited from us. '

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