Crisis 50Plus reappears

World June 12, 2017 07:36

the hague - The crisis at political party 50Plus is all the way up. The head of government may even be charged with libel and defamation today.

50Plus has been buried for years under a tribal tribal struggle. It is about control and power.

In the run-up to the election, the current party government has listed people from outside the party as candidates for the Lower House. With a number of stupid 50Plus members, that wrevel caused it.

It is now shedding Jan Zoetelief again as a successor to the party's divisional party, Jan Nagel. Others ace in their place and do not feel seriously taken.

The issue resumed last week when sixteen members filed a motion of distrust. They believe that the main government must take the neighborhood because it would have a coat of arms for the party democracy.

Just before the weekend, the crisis seemed to be delayed. On the website of the senior party, it was found that the club of dissatisfied members fought their motion of distrust in exchange for more control over the renewal of the party.

Criticists do not recognize themselves in the text. 'My name is mentioned in the message a number of times, and invariably, wrong information, or stressful to my good name,' said the angry Brabantist Dick Schouw, supported by other 50Plussers.

The dissatisfied Brabander wants to make a throw to the party presidency. He and the other dissidents demanded that their name be purified. If that is not the case today, the corridor will follow the court.

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