Criminal punishment for 'rape at a distance'

Criminal punishment for 'rape at a distance'

World September 5, 2017 11:57

london - A British man has been sentenced to sixteen years to rape minors he has never met. He grabbed nude pictures of teenagers from countries like Canada, the US and Australia, after which he forced his victims to sexually abuse their own relatives.

The 32-year-old Seaham man created dozens of neoprophils on Facebook, which he used to communicate with youngsters. He received them so as to send out exposures of themselves by pretending to be an age-old.

One of the victims was a fourteen-year-old boy from Florida who told the court that he was planning to chat with a girl. The Brit eventually forced him to rape his annual cousin repeatedly. The teenager is also persecuted himself.

The Brit's lawyer emphasized that the man had no sexual motives, but mainly loved to have power over others. The man known debt to 21 criminal offenses. One of the prosecutors spoke about a 'rape campaign. '

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