Crash with stolen car: two brothers (12, 15) under five deaths

World November 27, 2017 18:24

leeds - Among the five deaths that fell on Saturday in a dramatic accident in Leeds are two brothers aged 12 and 15 years.

According to British media, it concerns Ellis and Elliott Thornton. The boys were stuck in a stolen Renault Clio around 22.00 in a suburb of Leeds head-on on a tree.

The other three killed men were 15, 24 and 28 years. The oldest victim leaves behind two children and a pregnant woman.

The British police are still investigating the circumstances. For example, it is not yet clear how the men and boys in the car knew each other. It is also unclear whether they were on the run or whether it is a fatal accident. The police have done research for almost two days at the scene of the accident. After the accident, two 15-year-old boys were arrested but it is not clear what they have to do with the accident.

The bodies of the victims were hurled out of the car in the crash. Bystanders describe the scene as a 'terrible bloodbath'. 'There were bodies everywhere. In the wreck of the car you could hardly recognize a car, 'says a local resident against The Independent.

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