Crash survivor fly wants to know final results

Crash survivor fly wants to know final results

World December 12, 2016 19:30

chapeco - One of the six survivors of the plane crash with the Brazilian soccer team Chapeco Cooking on board last weekend out of his coma. It involves footballer Helio Neto. When the crash came 71 passengers were killed, including 19 of sentence teammates.

Neto can not remember anything from the tragic accident near the Colombian capital Medellin airport. The first question he asked when he woke up was whether his club had won the final of the Copa Sudamericana. Doctors him have not yet been informed of the tragic accident. They wait with bringing the bad news to his condition is stable enough.

Only a goalkeeper and a defender of Chapeco Armenian survived it. The keeper lost a leg. The device that was supposed to bring the team to the finals of the South American equivalent of the Europa League, came during the run out of fuel. Therefore, the electricity was out and crashed the plane.

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