Cozy night is hell on earth

Cozy night is hell on earth

World November 15, 2015 07:15

- It should be a nice weekend Paris. Four Dutch boys who have tickets for their favorite band Eagles of Death. Shortly before the concert, they still pose together smiling with a beer on Facebook. Less than an hour later they're in hell on Earth and trying to get them crawling over the bodies away from the stately Bataclan Theatre.

The US rockers are about three quarters occupied when you hear a pop. "What bad timing for fireworks," say fans against each other. And why the sound is coming from behind? But then people start to scream and heard shots. If the band abruptly stops playing, know the Dutch friends: this is all trick. "It was awful ", says Ferry Zandvliet a few hours later on his Facebook. He's trying his worried family and friends to reassure. "I am now at two super nice people at home who take good care of me. Sit with palpitations to watch the news. Hope to see my buddies so ". KruipendHet slowly penetrates into the Rotterdam by physiotherapist that he and his friends Dexter, Frank and Bob has been sitting in the middle of one of the largest terrorist attacks that Europe has ever known. In various media the men do their story. They dived to the ground. Realized that if they were to remain there, their lives sometimes very quickly could be. Or they would be crushed to death. Or one of the terrorists would kill them with their Kalashnikovs. Under the blood of other people and crawling over bodies, they reach an emergency exit. In a panic they run outside, where they hide together with other shock troubled people in a nearby apartment complex. Execution Hundreds of music fans are less fortunate. They are like rats in a trap when the terrorists behind in the room and from the balcony, start shooting. The attackers, armed with automatic rifles and dressed in a bomb belt, emptying their warehouses at the concert audience while she 'Allah Akbar' call. Some survive the massacre by playing dead to keep on the ground. Surely 87 people can not escape and executed. The Paris Marie-Pierre Carbonnet Friday its fourth birthday in a bar opposite the theater when she saw the messages on her cellphone. "I was worried about my good friend. I knew he was at the concert. Whether it goes well with him? Well, yes, he is dead. "Her birthday has not ruined, says Marie-Pierre. "I do not know, I am born again yesterday. "She goes home to continue with that she stopped yesterday. "Hard drinking. "Tears Area mate Claire is at a small memorial at the place where a day earlier was still a pool of blood. The tears rolling down her cheeks. It also has the sharp images on its retina are people hanging on the colorful facades in the city of love of the Bataclan Theatre. In the hope to escape the terrorists. A group of about forty hostages they see flights. She stands during the hostage two hours stuck in a side street leading to her home, a street away from the Bataclan. "We could really have nowhere to go, we did not know where it was safe. "She continues:" After about an hour came a number of people from storming the building. They were injured, the blood was everywhere, "explains Claire. "They ran as fast as possible to the theater from, towards us. They do not yelling. They were in shock. "They see a 19-year-old boy running when he finds out that his brother is still inside. "He wanted to go personally pick. He jumped over the police deposition back and sprinted toward the theater. The officers who stopped him, saved his life, "said Claire. Breathless Meanwhile, a man sat behind a piano, which is near the Bataclan. He sets the tone of John Lennon's Imagine in. "Nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too." The crowd listens breathlessly, after the fading of the last sounds the man steps back on the bike. Ferry Zandvliet see the images of Bataclan on television from his shelter. Even though he has just showered and he sits with a cup of tea on the sofa, his heart rate just will not go down. "Never thought of terrorism so close to it," he wrote on his Facebook. He knows that his friends are safe. Only last night he was reunited with them and they traveled back to the Netherlands. Some concertgoers trying through the windows of the Bataclan theater to escape the terrroristen. Others survive the massacre by playing dead to keep on the ground. Surely 87 people can not escape and executed Photo: AFP

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