Court: Transgender must adhere provisionally to toilet rules

Court: Transgender must adhere provisionally to toilet rules

World August 4, 2016 08:24

- The legal battle in the United States about whether transgender people are allowed to decide whether or not to himself what toilet they go, is not yet settled. The Supreme Court refrained Wednesday from statements of principle in the case of a seventeen year old student.

Gavin Grimm was born a girl, but feels young. When he inquired about his school, first there was nothing to worry about. Following an anonymous complaint about his use of the boys' restroom, however the issue ended up with an overarching school board. That explained the boys' toilets limits to Grimm. He had a new unisex toilet. Discrimination, said the student and civil rights organization. She went to court and won the case.

Because the school board further legal remedies, the issue came before the Supreme Court. In an interlocutory decision has now decided that Grimm is provisionally must abide by the rules. On the toilet issue usually run numerous other lawsuits. President Barack Obama decided in May that schools have to choose all pupils, but 23 states have since lodged an appeal against.
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A judge explained that he,, the status quo want to save now 'so that the court can later be completely review the legislation.

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