Couple on wedding day in jail

Couple on wedding day in jail

World July 21, 2016 12:51

- A couple from Germany Isselburg, a town near the Dutch border under Doetinchem, was sentenced on his wedding day for drug trafficking. The 39-year-old and 32-year-old couple, who have two children, holding hands heard the verdict in Bocholt on the fifth anniversary of their marriage.

He must sit 3.5 years, taking two years and ten months. A third defendant, a 51-year-old man from the same Isselburg, received seven years in prison, the newspaper Rheinische Post reported Thursday.

The three defendants punctuated their coffers with drug crime. The woman, for instance is found guilty she twice smuggled several kilograms of cocaine from Curacao to the Netherlands. Once she went to smuggling trip with husband and kids and once with two girlfriends. For each delivery, the couple got 17. 000 of the drug gang which they provided services.
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