Couple caught gliding neighbor in attic

Couple caught gliding neighbor in attic

World August 14, 2017 20:09

- When Jerome and Ashley Kennedy from Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) discovered strange noises and a light in their attic, they investigated. They placed cameras and stared at an accident when they saw the images that their neighbor sneaked in their house.

The couple does their story to CBS Pittsburgh. The suspicions began when they heard strange sounds that seemed to come from the attic. Jerome's father also discovered a light shining through a hole in the ceiling. He went looking, but saw no one. The couple decided to install a camera.

When they watched the pictures, they suddenly saw their 69-year-old neighbor creeping through their attic. He was renovating the neighboring house and, as evident from the images, crooked in their house with a torch and a drill. He spent half an hour sitting above a ventilation pipe in the floor, allowing him to look out for the bedroom of the couple.

Jerome and Ashley think their neighbors buried the family. 'This is so creepy!', Says mother Ashley. 'We have no idea what happened in our own house'.

The neighbor also appears to have a removable wall installed between his own house and that of the couple. In addition, there were holes in the wall, allowing the man to see their ten month old baby.

The 69-year-old neighbor, who has been charged with burglary, housewife and stalking, denies that he had bad intentions. He would have been alone in the attic for maintenance work. However, the Kennedy's are not convinced and hope their neighbor is in the cell. 'Then we can sleep well again. '

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