Corpse under hotel bed

Corpse under hotel bed

World August 22, 2016 16:54

- Two guests who- have complained about a strange smell in their room- yet the night spent there appear to have slept upstairs in the bed hid the body of a murdered transgender.

It reports the Bangkok Post. It would be the 28-year-old Amphon Kong Song. Her murder is attributed to two brothers aged 14 and 17 years.

The boys had been lured to Pattaya by Amphon Kong Song by Facebook with the prospect of a job, but have made overtures to the oldest. That there was not amused. This launched a skirmish that ended fatally for the transgender.
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The boys hid the body in a bed in the hotel in which they stayed on the initiative of Amphon. There it remained unnoticed until the Thai residents began to complain, or rather a day later when a housekeeper discovered bloodstains.

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