Core Internet economy has 50,000 companies

Tech October 7, 2016 15:51

- The Netherlands has over 50,000 companies principally derive their revenues via the internet. Mainly to online shops, online services and Internet-related ICT companies. This appears Friday from a census by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) in collaboration with Google and Data Provider.

CBS considers the group of companies as the core of the Dutch Internet economy. It involves about 3 percent of all companies in the Netherlands. Together they accounted for a turnover of 104 billion euros, or eight percent of the total turnover of the Dutch business community.

The Internet economy in 2015 was accounted for 345. 000 jobs, both full-time and part-time. That is 4.5 percent of the total number of jobs. More than two out of three of these jobs regards ICT.


Data Provider scanned in association with CBS for the first websites to see which companies have their own site and how they use it. It showed inter alia that nearly 2 percent of companies have one or more shops. Half of it is out of retail. Thanks to the Internet also sell wholesale and IT companies are increasingly products and services directly to customers.

Furthermore, it appeared according to the CBS inter alia, that more than a third of the 1.5 million companies have a web page on the internet. Of the group that has no website is the most independent. Some 70 percent of independents do not own site.\n  \n  \n   advertisement

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