'Copiloot Sichuan Airlines was sucked half out of the cockpit window'

'Copiloot Sichuan Airlines was sucked half out of the cockpit window'

World May 15, 2018 09:18

shanghai - The co-pilot of Sichuan Airlines who was in the cockpit where the window broke last week, according to the captain was half sucked out of the driver's cab. That reports Reuters.

The pressure in the cockpit fell away and the temperature dropped considerably after the window was broken. Captain Liu Chuanjian was welcomed as a hero after he got the Airbus A319 on the ground.

'There was no warning signal. The windshield simply broke and that gave a loud bang. Before I knew it, my co-pilot was sucked half out of the window ', said Captain Chuanjian.

The pilot continues: 'Everything in the cockpit started to float. A large part of the equipment was out of order and I could no longer hear the radio. The plane moved so wildly that I could not read anymore. '

The co-pilot wore a seat belt when the incident occurred. He suffered minor injuries. Another crew member was also slightly injured. The 119 passengers remained unharmed.

We will investigate how the incident could have happened, Reuters writes.

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