'Conversation between President Cuba and Iran'

'Conversation between President Cuba and Iran'

World September 20, 2016 06:48

- "Fidel Castro, the former Cuban president, has met with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani."

"They met Monday in the private home of Castro and talked about international relations and threats to peace. Rohani also spoke with President Raul Castro, brother of Fidel which has been in power since 2008."

"In August, the Iranian foreign minister already indicated that he wanted to strengthen economic ties with Cuba.\n  \n    \n     \n      \n        0:58\n      \n     Tidal wave grips girl (10)\n     \n     \n      \n        1:00\n      \n     Most dangerous airport in the world?\n     \n     \n      \n        1:15\n      \n     Chinese in thick container: \"Work harder!\""

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