Controversial spirit delivered to Kenya

Controversial spirit delivered to Kenya

World August 4, 2017 11:33

london - Great Britain has a controversial Kenyan mental deployment that would have given abducted children to followers. According to British and Kenyan media, the self-named Archbishop Gilbert Deya is suspected of smuggling and abduction.

Deya would desperate women who could not get children, convinced that, thanks to their prayers, they had become pregnant. They traveled to Kenya where they were tricked in dubious clinics that they had a 'baby' baby, while allegedly it was about infants who were taken away from their real parents.

Deya's church advertised slogans as 'sending a donation and expecting a miracle. 'The mentally suspected was a scammer, among other things, when his wife in Kenya was sentenced to a cell punishment after kidnapping a child.

The British police arrested her husband a year later. Mental unsuccessfully delivered a long legal battle to prevent his extradition. The Kenyan police suspect he is behind the kidnapping of five children.

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