Controversial 'hackwet' coming

Controversial 'hackwet' coming

Tech December 13, 2016 09:15

- The Chamber is a large majority for the controversial 'hackwet. The government wants to give the police more options when digital detection. The parliament is going there today agree, but it requires supervision.

The law is officially called 'law cybercrime III 'but unofficially become known as the' hackwet. The proposal by VVD state secretary Dijkhoff (Security and Justice) have agents These include the power to himself to break away from computers, servers and mobile phones. Upon suspicion of some crimes they may then even erase data.

Privacy organizations strongly opposed the 'hackwet. MPs also even of ruling party PvdA, reacted skeptically. The biggest stumbling block seemed to prefer to leave it open at the back with a digital intrusion. Namely as agents discover a vulnerability in software, allowing them, for example, hacking phones of a certain brand, they have to report the leak directly. They can 'the back door' to let you open to make optimum use of the leak, so that can be hacked the phones of other criminals. Critics say hackers with bad intentions that benefit from because they can find the leak in the meantime. 'To catch a criminal, you should not make the Internet unsafe for everyone,' says D66 MP Verhoeven.

The coalition has drafted an amendment to the same point after criticism from Labour. The government parties agree to leave open this 'back door', but agents are there to get permission to get a magistrate. There will be more oversight of the practice. Therefore, the Social Democrats may yet agree. Despite previous criticism of the Labour Party finds the law needed. 'Whether it is child pornography or terrorism, people should not hide the Web,' said MP Recourt.

The CDA should have little of all social criticism of the bill. MP Van Toorenburg: 'It is crucial that the police and judicial resources gain control to adjust the detection and prosecution of the digital age. Their handcuffs have finally finished! '

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