Contested Minister presents anti-corruption law

Contested Minister presents anti-corruption law

World June 14, 2017 17:54

paris - Justice Minister François Bayrou stated that Emmanuel Macron's first law would address corruption among politicians. He presented his plans to the Council of Ministers on Wednesday, but is currently in trouble.

'For trust in our democracy' is the title of the law. François Bayrou wants to forbid senators and parliamentarians to employ relatives, a freaking point since President Candidate François Fillon is suspected of giving his wife Penelope a riot-paid ghost job.

Politicians also get stricter rules for setting up or having an advisory practice. In addition, they can not, in addition to their function in the Assemblée Nationale, also be the head of a region, department or municipality. Former presidents do not get a seat in the Constitutional Council, because they sometimes have to judge their own decisions.

While Bayrou wants to fight corruption, his own party is in heavy weather. The minister is also the founder and foreman of Modem center movement, who has already reached a pact with En Marche before the presidential elections! His party delivered a number of government officials, including Minister Marielle de Sarnez for European Affairs. But she would, like European Parliamentarians from the Front National, have used money from Brussels to help assistants in Paris. An investigation has now been made to her and three other Modem-deputies in Brussels.

So far, Prime Minister Édouard Philippe defended the governor until Bayrou committed an angry call to Radio France. He complained to the editorial editor of the 'Inquisition Tone' where journalists would have interviewed party workers. The cabinet leader said that this could not be overlooked, but the Justice Minister replied that he did not make himself mulled.

Macron is in his stomach with the minister. The new president wants to settle for the old politics, which Bayrou appears to be practicing.

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