Conspiracy big capital drives no voter

World December 4, 2016 07:51

rome - Highly distributed and after fierce debates between the Italians today can finally go to the polls for the referendum. For years, the Italian people shouted against the caste which political power with all its privileges was intended.

Now the government Renzi proposes to reduce the number of senators from 320 to 100 and the politicians want to give a lot less power, so the Chamber of Deputies could take quicker bills and cost savings, there are millions of Italians suddenly on their hind legs.

'Renzi has done wrong to connect to the referendum the fate of his government. And now he is afraid that happen to him the same as the former British Prime Minister David Cameron, when he organized a referendum on the Brexit. This referendum is an abortion, especially for the Senate. I therefore vote against, 'said Niccolo Bolognini from Florence decided.

Renzi is considered by many opponents of the referendum as a puppet of the international financial markets and banks willing to sacrifice the current Italian Constitution in their interest. A document from 2013, the US bank JP Morgan Chase, criticizing inefficient postwar Southern European constitutions, would have many believe inspired Renzi.

'If 'yes' wins, then the more power in the hands of the banks at the expense of the people. The big banks are benefits if Italy collapses into the abyss so that international markets on its setbacks can speculate, 'said Fabio Grassi.

'Italy is embraced by Germany in a deadly way. Fortunately, we have not fallen as far as Greece. Or we become slaves, or we revolt as free people, as the British did with the Brexit, against the will of the financial markets. '\n  \n  \n   advertisement

Of course, there are also millions of Italians in favor of the referendum. 'Most voters seem to want to defend themselves against aggression. The proponents of the referendum are more serene and constructive, 'said Luigi Paganelli convinced.

'Italy is the only country in Europe where both chambers have exactly the same rights and functions. Making legislation more difficult and unnecessarily costly. The relationship between the state and the regions is enhanced with the referendum. '

Elisabetta also Zappia favors. 'Italy must again stop conservatism and its constructive process. If yes wins we get a reduction of red tape and the cost of politics. That is a step in the right direction. '

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