Connected toys as leaky as a sieve '

Connected toys as leaky as a sieve '

Tech November 3, 2016 10:24

- Connected toys are becoming cheaper and therefore accessible to everyone, but everyone has their safety his shoulders. That says Mary-Jo de Leeuw at RTL Nieuws. She is the founder of the Internet platform of Toys, did research for three years. 'Everyone pulls his hands from there, which I find very worrisome.'

De Leeuw and her companion looked at a whole range of products and their applications. Think of dolls that remember what you say and cat ears that move based on your brain activity. 'We found privacy issues that really were toe-curling. Why the app needs access to your contact information and why are your data made available to third parties? It is also not clear whether your data are stored in a safe place.'

What Leo is most noticed after three years of research and conducting numerous interviews, is that nobody seems to feel responsible for security and privacy issues connected with toys. 'The Consumers, Personal Authority, ministries, everybody says, this is not my field.'

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