Concerns Trump course with NATO

World November 9, 2016 09:09

- What kind of president is Donald Trump? It is the uncertainty about this question that determine the reactions in politics Hague on the election of the new president of the United States.

'We will judge him by his actions,' said Mr Koenders (Foreign Affairs). 'Trump did during the campaign statements that contradict what we like to see our society and world order, for example, NATO, relations with Russia and Europe and across populations.

'Deal with it' is the message of VVD MP Ten Broeke. 'For us, two things are important: Trump's dislike of trade agreements as TTIP and its commitment to NATO. In this regard, the Trump election a wake up call for the Netherlands and Europe that we need to provide more for our own safety. '

But that's exactly the point, says Labour MP Servaes. 'Trump tremendously relativized the importance of NATO. That is bad. But where he stands exactly, is unclear. That is bad. The last thing we need is clarity about the role of the US in the world. My message to Trump is: hold fast to our shared values ​​and make clear what direction you sail. '

D66 leader Pechtold feels downright touched by the victory of Trump. 'This is very, very bad news for the Netherlands and Europe. Trump has turned against NATO and Europe will not support more military as did all previous presidents since the mid-twentieth century. 'Also of concern Pechtold his sympathy to Russian President Putin. 'Putin will certainly celebrate a victory and East Euroa and Syria seek to increase its power. '

According to CDA MP Omtzigt the coming days are crucial. 'The coming days will Trump appoint five thousand people. Then we actually know only which way things are going. I wonder what he will do. namely, that no one knows. '\n  \n  \n   advertisement

PVV leader Geert Wilders reacts jubilantly. 'A historic victory! A revolution, 'he tells via Twitter. 'We will return our country to the Dutch. '

According to Segers leader of the Christian Union trumps biggest challenge now bridging the contradictions that he himself has created. 'As one of America's allies Netherlands will also have to continue to work with the president to stand up for our own freedom and that of many others in the world who have pinned their hopes on the Western world. : '

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