Concerns SP and CDA about contraband forensic psychiatric patients

Concerns SP and CDA about contraband forensic psychiatric patients

World July 7, 2016 10:45

- The SP and the Christian Democrats are concerned about contraband in forensic settings. MP Nine Kooiman (SP) mentions the presence of drugs, child pornography and phones,, absolutely unacceptable. '' CDA MP Madeleine van Toorenburg wants forensic psychiatric patients who have gone over the line, be addressed.

SP MP Kooiman:,, This creates very dangerous situations in forensic devices which need to be addressed. I expect the minister that he does everything to this long-standing issue once really to address thoroughly. Often it is not known how the items are entered, which should be better explored. Only you know how you can fight it better. It is worrisome to see how much there is apparently wrong. ''

MP Van Toorenburg wants to know whether the offenses were committed, have had an impact on the forensic psychiatric patients.,, TBS detainees are gradually prepared for their eventual return to society. Thereby may gradually be granted freedoms. As the CDA should abuse these freedoms are dealt with very firmly, '' says Van Toorenburg.
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