Compile a list of music to Sonos

Compile a list of music to Sonos

Tech November 16, 2016 08:15

- The disadvantage of making a Sonos music list for a party, that can add others nothing. Since the speaker manufacturer brings with Spotify change. you can create the ultimate playlist with friends via the Playlist Potluck website.

Potluck is a phenomenon that has blown over from America, where everyone brings a dish to a dinner party with friends. And with the Playlist Potluck can with music. The idea arose from a study of Sonos among 8 000 people in eight countries, including the Netherlands. It showed that 91 percent of music indispensable find at a party, but 80 percent think that these should fit the tastes of the audience.

As organizer of a party, create a playlist Potluck on playlistpotluck. sonos. com. From there you need five to fifteen guests, who then may add two or three songs to the playlist. The organizer will be notified and will run on the party jointly created music list.

Sonos Spotify Playlist Potluck is available immediately.

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