'Competition Gets Google Shopping'

'Competition Gets Google Shopping'

Tech September 19, 2017 10:09

mountain view - Google would like to meet the European Commission by awarding competitive price comparators to Google Shopping. According to Reuters press office, competition will soon be part of an auction for a spot at the internet giant's comparison service.

Details about Google's plan are not yet known. Certainly, the group must do something after the 2.4 billion euro megabytes that it received from the EC in June. Google would run its own services in its own search engine. The group has 90 days to adjust. This deadline expires next week.

The idea of ​​the auctions, although little is known, has fallen badly with Google's competitors. Foundem, the British company that was one of the concerns that went to the EC, says to Bloomberg that an auction does not change the unequal competition. 'It's just a barrier,' says Foundem.

The European consumer watchdog BEUC is also skeptical. 'An auction is not good for consumers. In addition, it's only the question of whether they really get the lowest price of an item, 'says a spokesman. It even fears that consumers who are looking for a search should be searching for a product they are looking for on the internet. 'Because that can happen if comparative services have to pay to be visible. Perhaps they would rather choose a product provider who puts the most money on the table to be included in the price comparator than for the company that really offers the lowest price. '

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