Commons debate can not prevent Brexit

Commons debate can not prevent Brexit

World September 3, 2016 08:48

london - A debate in the House of Commons on Monday a second Brexitreferendum will not lead to a new poll.

After the plebiscite whereby the British agreed in June with a narrow majority for leaving the European Union, 4.1 million people signed a petition calling for a second referendum. According to the petition, which well before the first referendum was drawn up, that would be required if a majority would be less than 60 percent, or a rise of less than 75 percent. Before a Brexit voted 52 percent of voters, while 72.2 percent were emerging.

Under UK rules the House of Commons to discuss a petition with more than 100 000 signatures, but the parliament can not decide on a second referendum.,, A debate in Westminster Hall does not have the power to change the law and will not end with a decision of the House of Commons on whether or not to hold a second referendum, '' the parliamentary petition committee stated earlier.
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The initiative for a law for a second referendum must be taken by the Cabinet, but Prime Minister Theresa May has emphatically stated that the decision was taken to leave the EU and that all the results of the referendum must be respected.

Anyway parliamentarians Monday will likely seize the opportunity to give their opinion. A vast majority of them wanted the brexit not. Moreover, the many politicians shot in the wrong way that May the Article 50 procedure, which triggers the Brexitonderhandelingen, want to run without the House of Commons has voted on it.

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