'Commissioner raped abused woman '

World November 7, 2016 20:54

kabul - A young woman who came to declare at a police station in Afghanistan of rape, was in his own words then raped by police who recorded the declaration. The woman went declaration do with her father. The father was sent away, and the police will lock bar to the eighteen-year-old Mariam in an office.

The young woman was kidnapped by armed men from her home in the northern province of Balkh. She was raped by the kidnapper and another man in another building. After the police had raped her, he told her to keep her mouth because she would be killed otherwise. The man denies the accusation.

Sexual abuse is rife in Afghanistan. getting every ten women, eight dealing with. However, women rarely report, partly because there are virtually no female police officers. In the case of Mariam doing justice in the capital Kabul investigation into the accusation.

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