Coma comes after a coma

World November 22, 2017 11:45

kharkiv - A woman who awoke from her coma after a horror crash caused by a millionaire's daughter; immediately got a new blow. Doctors said that two family members did not survive the crash.

Oksana Berchenko was badly injured when the 20-year-old Ukrainian millionaire's daughter Alyona Zaitseva ignored red light last month and cut six pedestrians with her Lexus. The manager survived the crash.

Oksana was in a coma for six days and is still in intensive care. She has deep scars on her face, has suffered multiple injuries on her head and is now recovering from a serious pelvic fracture. A lot of plastic surgery will be needed to patch her up.

Four weeks after the crash the doctors found the time to tell Oksana that her husband Alexander Evteev (27) and sister Diana (22) did not survive the accident.

'It has been a month since my happy life has turned into the worst nightmare,' says Oksana in the Mirror. 'On that day my beloved, the sweetest and greatest person, was killed on the spot. Just like my sister who loved life so much and later died. The number of lives destroyed by this crash is greater than the number of deaths. '

The woman also makes an emotional appeal to all witnesses, police, prosecutors and the judge not to accept bribes. Earlier it became known that the father of Zaitseva offered the victims a rich 'compensation package', in the hope that his daughter should not go to jail.

'If you are a witness, give your evidence in court. If you are a investigator, judge, prosecutor, please treat this case in an honest and legal way. '

'If you get a bribe, think about justice and your duty,' Oksana continues. 'Do not take the money and make sure that murders do not go unpunished. '

Oksana thinks Zaitseva deserves a life sentence and thinks she should not 'return to her pre-accident lifestyle'.

Zaitseva risks a maximum penalty of 10 years.

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