CNN: more misogynistic talking Trump

CNN: more misogynistic talking Trump

World October 9, 2016 22:12

- After the Washington Post has also CNN television Sunday recordings revealed that Donald Trump from discrediting about women. Words spoken by Trump in the radio show of Howard Stern in which he was a regular guest.

In a broadcast from 2006 Trump said, when sixty years old, that he would have no problem sharing the bed with a woman of 24. In another interview he said that he does not care whether the women with whom he he also satisfies sex. And when a woman older than 35, it is time for another to see.

The Trump let boldly transmissions cited by CNN about his sex habits and his intimate life with his third and current wife Melania. Howard Stein, he also discussed the breasts of his daughter Ivanka, which according to him ' always well stocked 'was.

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