Clinton and Trump put army 'spinners' in

Clinton and Trump put army 'spinners' in

World September 26, 2016 10:45

- Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton stand for the first time on the night of Monday to Tuesday Dutch time facing each other and have to do it all alone. Yet their supporters do not look idly. Both candidates mobilize their supporters even explicitly put plenty of campaign staff to send the judgment of the first election debate.


The debate, at 03. 00 pm Dutch time begins, is expected to attract a record number of viewers. However, a significant portion of the stroke is not on the familiar television screen, but provided on social media.

On the so-called second screen trying to influence the Republican and Democratic campaigns in the electorate. They speak directly to voters, but in a roundabout way. Both sides are well aware that journalists consider social media as a thermometer of society and self weather reports on the mood that prevails there. A successful hashtag or a massive acquired tweet provide soon an old-fashioned news on the desired smell of success.

The battle on social media on Monday ignited well before the start of the debate. So the staff of Hillary Clinton's attempts to dampen the expectations of its performance, so they will surpass rather than disappoint, writes The Wall Street Journal. Afterwards make both candidates expected to be the loudest claim the victory.

The last presidential elections in 2012 were dominated by Twitter. But now there are competitors like Snapchat and Periscope on the coast.

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