Clamp stamped on ambulance dying patient

World November 12, 2017 23:09

birmingham - While British ambulance brothers in Birmingham were fighting for a patient's life, a neighbor decided to paste a letter on the ambulance. Not with a gratitude but with a complaint. According to the resident, the ambulance was enormously in the way.

The 42-year-old patient gave up blood and had to be taken to hospital with urgency due to internal haemorrhage. The ambulance was around half an hour before the man's house, who lived in a rehabilitation center for drug addicts and drug addicts. But a resounding shock in anger because the ambulance apparently blocked his path. 'You can save lives, but do not park your bus in such a stupid place where you block my car,' he wrote on a piece of paper stuck on the ambulance.

An employee of the institution calls the letter to British media 'disgusting'. 'Words are not enough. If the person who wrote this also had some idea what was going on then that letter was never written. '

One of the diapers shot by the 42-year-old man said to be speechless. 'It's still strange that someone else had to wait much longer. And they said nothing. They waited calmly and were respectful. 'I think it's so bad for the man's family. '

The 42-year-old victim died in the hospital last Friday evening.

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