City of the monkey god finally uncovered

City of the monkey god finally uncovered

World January 22, 2016 22:56

- Archaeologists lay in Honduras exposed the remains of what the mysterious 'White City' appears to be.

Stories about the old Indian civilization keep explorers already captivated since HernĂ¡n Cortez conquered Mexico nearly 500 years ago.

On the spot in the jungle which is now being sought indeed is found the remains of white limestone houses. Another name for the decaying civilization reads the 'lost city of the monkey god.' According to legend, a great ape women abducted to begin a new breed of apes on the spot.

'We are blessed to witness such a special moment in Honduran history', said President Juan Orlando Hernandez. 'This discovery has caused great excitement. 'It appears to be a unique civilization separate from the famous Mayan ruins in Central America.

After his victory over the Aztecs in 1521 Cortez became fascinated by the stories about the prosperous white city. Even aviator Charles Lindbergh believed whitewashed buildings have seen. Theodore Morde claimed in 1939 the mythical city found too, but he was killed before he could tell the world.

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