Chiropractor suspected of killing

Chiropractor suspected of killing

World October 16, 2017 12:03

york - Chiropractor Arleen Scholten is suspected of killing after an 80-year-old died from her.

Retired banker John Laler had a low backache at the Chiropractic 1st clinic in Scholten, England. During the treatment, where his wife was at work, it went wrong. On the table John Lawler was already unconscious.

Once in the hospital, doctors held down a paralysis from the shoulders downwards. The next day, Lawler died of spinal injury, the Times writes.

The North Yorkshire Police decided to investigate the case and arrested Arleen.

Lawler's wife, married for 44 years, was late in a statement to be shocked by John's sudden death. 'We hope to know quickly what the cause is,' The Sun writes.

In the Netherlands, chiropractic is a free occupation that falls under the name of 'alternative or complementary medicine'. It is not officially regulated and recognized by the government.

The treatment method is not undisputed. Several studies have been conducted in America after patients died on the treatment table.

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