Chinese vlogster put the mistake in eating food

Chinese vlogster put the mistake in eating food

World July 3, 2017 14:03

amsterdam - A Chinese vlogster is ugly mistaken for the live eating of a plant. She wanted to show how healthy it is not to eat this as a meal when designing an Aloe Vera. Unfortunately for Mrs Zhang she had chosen a non-Aloe Vera, but a whole other poisonous plant, from which she became dying.

The healthy benefits of this plant turned out to be far-reaching, as it turned out, when the 26-year-old vlogster gave credit to an Agava Americana, a poisonous plant from Mexico. From the video she shared, she soon found that she had poisoned herself.

Even if she just wants to eat the Aloe Vera. 'Nice' and 'This is great,' says Zhang. But not much later, her mood strikes. 'Still a little bit bitter. 'After her mouth is so close to the fire she calls the emergency number.

According to The Shanghaiist, Zhang got blisters and blisters everywhere, and doctors were forced to pump her stomach empty. She is reportedly stable now.

The Agava plant is sometimes used for culinary purposes- such as tequila- but must be prepared carefully.

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