Chinese tourist accidentally German azc

Chinese tourist accidentally German azc

World August 8, 2016 20:30

- A Chinese tourist is on a visit to Germany as asylum seekers and for two weeks in the depths of the asylum bureaucracy before the authorities realized their mistake.

The 31-year-old man, who speaks only Mandarin, was robbed during a visit to Heidelberg. When he form it was presented did report to the police that an asylum application turned out to be. Mr. L. was taken to a refugee center in Dülmen, 360 kilometers away brought Munster, and received food and pocket money, like all asylum seekers.

The man's fingerprints were taken and he was subjected to a medical examination. Employees of the Red Cross got through that something was wrong because the man was well dressed.,, But he behaved so differently from other refugees, '' said Christoph Schlüter Mann of the Red Cross. With the help of a local Chinese restaurant was eventually superseded the truth.,, It was exceptional. He said that Europe was not what he had expected, 'says Schlüter Mann.
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