Chinese steal toilet seat from hotel room

Chinese steal toilet seat from hotel room

World October 19, 2016 12:06

nagoya - Two Chinese tourists on Monday a toilet seat stolen from a hotel room in the Japanese city of Nagoya. The two have since apologized for the theft and promised henceforth they will behave.

The couple from eastern China thought other guests had left deliberately glasses in the room. When the Chinese were left with the rest of the group, the theft was discovered by a cleaner. The hotel contacted the travel of the set and asked to return as soon as possible the toilet seat.

The couple left a little later find out to have many regrets over the tour guide their action. 'We offer our sincere apologies. We promise that will not prevent such behavior. '

Or torque is put on the blacklist, is not clear. The Chinese government has recently put several Chinese in the registry after they had disgraced their country on holiday. Chinese who once on the blacklist, never allowed on vacation.

In April this year began using a riot after seen on video footage was how Chinese dishes to scoop up food in an all inclusive hotel. Another Chinese quarreled at an airport because he could not bring his carton of milk by customs. Eventually he threw the suit out on an X-ray device. Yet another hit an airport employee to the ground because things are not going fast enough. A Chinese who refused to turn off his tablet on the plane, never allowed to go abroad.

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