'Chinese drones spying in the US'

World December 2, 2017 07:06

beijing - From our correspondent

In a report, according to the New York Times, producer DJI is mentioned as a major risk. This Chinese manufacturer from the southern city of Shenzhen, one of the largest in the world, would store images that are recorded on servers in China that the government can use.

The company makes drones for hobbyists, but also for professional use. According to the researchers, a real danger to national security is that two-thirds of the devices used in North America are DJIs. Secret information about, for example, crucial infrastructure can get into the wrong hands.

The authors of the report state that they have spoken with several international sources in the industry. On that basis, the US Army has already banned the use of all unmanned aircraft from DJI.

In a reaction, the management of the Chinese firm strongly requested that the accusations be withdrawn because they are untrue, and also based on incorrect information and conclusions. A spokesman for DJI emphasizes that the user can decide for himself which information he will store. He does not deny that Chinese law makes it possible to request information.

The use of drones has long been viewed with suspicion, because it is easy to get into the 'enemy' area with the mini-propeller planes, something that used to be done with secret agents and complicated infiltration operations.

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