China hates India's embargo on border

China hates India's embargo on border

World August 4, 2017 09:30

peking - China has taken hard to neighboring India because of a border conflict on a strategically important highland. According to Beijing, India is building a troop. 'That's certainly not for peaceful purposes,' concluded the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The countries became conflicts in June when, according to Beijing, Indian soldiers on Chinese territory prevented a road being built on the plateau of the Indian state of Sikkim. That made the tensions between the countries rise rapidly.

'The incident is another month behind us, and India remains illegal on Chinese territory,' said the Chinese Department on Thursday. 'It also fixes roads in the back yard, stocks stocks and collects a large number of armed men. '

According to Indian officials, hundreds of soldiers from the two countries took about 150 meters from each other on a plateau in the border area. The sources said to Reuters press office that diplomats try to prevent escalation of the conflict behind the scenes.

The plateau flows into the so-called Siliguri Corridor, a relatively narrow strip of land that connects most of India with the northeastern states. That makes the Indians reluctant for the Chinese military presence in the area.

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