Chess champion refuses World Cup in Saudi Arabia

World December 27, 2017 22:18

kiev - The Ukrainian chess champion Anna Muzychuk refuses to defend her two world titles, because the World Cup takes place in Saudi Arabia. She would be obliged to wear a robe, and escort outside. 'I do not want to feel like a second-rate being.'

There has been criticism of the organization for some time, for example because Israeli athletes have not been given access. The way in which women are dealt with in the strict Islamic country, where Wahabism is the leading movement, is the reason for Muzychuk to cancel, while she could earn a lot of money.

That she cancels is in itself 'irritating', she writes. 'But the worst thing is that nobody seems to care about it. That is really painful. But it is not yet a reason to adjust my opinion. '

Earlier, Muzychuk wore a headscarf at a tournament in Iran.

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