Cat survives wash at 60 degrees

Cat survives wash at 60 degrees

World July 28, 2016 13:45

meadows - Bobby, a kitten from the British Meadows, got the shock of her life when the washing machine when she was doing suddenly started turning a nap.

Her owner Lisa Keefe heard after a few minutes a 'loud popping noise' from the washing machine. When she went to look, she saw her cat running around in circles. 'I saw the color of his skin mingled with those of the duvet. I was in all states and hurried to get him out. '

The animal was very bad shape after the short wash and was put on a drip to the vet to get over the shock. The vet tells a British animal institution Bobby has been very lucky. 'In my fifteen years I have never seen an accident like this. Also I have never heard that a cat has survived a round in the washer. '
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