'Castro surpasses Carlos with 30,000 women'

'Castro surpasses Carlos with 30,000 women'

World July 18, 2017 15:48

- Whether Spanish ex-Juan Carlos really shared the bed with almost 5,000 women, as claimed in a book that appears shortly, is difficult to retrieve. But there are still men who, in turn, surpass Juan Carlos. At the top of the list of men who claim to have shared the bed with thousands of women, the former dictator of Cuba praises. Fidel Castro would have loved love with as many as 35.0000 women.

According to the tradition, Castro had two women a day: one for lunch and one for dinner for over 40 years. Castro would have processed a large number of outlaw children, although official figures are missing.

In the top ten are many movie stars like Jack Nicholson, Charlie Sheen and Warren Beatty. Porn Stars are, of course, not missing honorable listings for Ron Jeremy and John Holmes. Also singers like Mick Jagger (The Rolling Stones), Gene Simmons (Kiss) and Julio Iglesias have cracked a lot of high notes.

In addition, basketball players score more than just three points. Wilt Chamberlain, who recorded in the NBA record, would have shared the bed in average of 1.2 women a day in order to reach the number of 20,000. The total number of people with whom Dennis Rodman would have sex is expected to be even higher than 2,000. The Americans would also be of men's love by rumors.

10. Hugh Hefner, Russell Brand- 1,000 women

9. Simon Cowell, Dennis Rodman, Jack Nicholson- 2,000 Women

8. Julio Iglesias- 3,000 women

7. Mick Jagger, Ron Jeremy- 4.000 Women

6. Gene Simmons- 4,600 women

5. Charlie Sheen, Juan Carlos- 5,000 Women

4. Warren Beatty- 12,775 women

3. John Holmes- 14,000 Women

2. Want Chamberlain- 20,000 Women

1. Fidel Castro- 35,000 Women

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