Car drives in at people muslim center London

Car drives in at people muslim center London

World September 19, 2018 09:32

london - Five people were injured when a car driver at a Muslim center in north-west London drove pedestrians with his car. The driver and three other passengers would have issued anti-Islamic cries after they had previously had a fight with a number of bystanders.

The four in the car, according to eyewitnesses who quoted the London Evening Standard, used alcohol and drugs in a parking lot. When bystanders told them to leave on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, a quarrel arose. Visitors to the al-Majlis al-Hussaini Islamic Center were also involved.

The car suddenly dismounted and hit bystanders of whom three were admitted to hospital with serious injuries. Two others were slightly injured. The police are trying to trace the car and the occupants. For the time being she is not assuming a terrorist incident.

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