Captain of Lifeline on bail free

Captain of Lifeline on bail free

World July 2, 2018 13:18

valetta - The captain of the Lifeline ship of the German aid organization Mission-Lifeline, Claus-Peter Reisch, is on bail in Malta after a court hearing about the registration of his boat. He is accused of having gone into the sea with a previously unregistered ship.

The prosecutors emphasized Monday that the Lifeline also officially does not sail under the Dutch flag, according to the Dutch authorities. The Dutch flag is flying at the Lifeline, but the boat is not in the designated shipping register and is therefore not officially under the tricolor.

Another ship with a Dutch flag in the mast, the Sea-Watch 3 from the German aid organization Sea-Watch. org, was put on the chain in Valetta on Monday. The ship wanted to sail to pick up migrants from the sea who were in need of assistance on the Libyan coast. The Maltese authorities examine the status of the ship.

The organizations such as Mission-Lifeline and Sea-Watch. org have a bad name in government circles in Italy and Malta. They are seen as organizations that encourage at least people smuggling.

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