Canada will continue to impale bear hunter

Canada will continue to impale bear hunter

World August 16, 2016 20:09

calgary - An American hunter may be prosecuted in Canada because he has slain a bear with a spear. The hunting method, according to the provincial government of Alberta,, unacceptable '' and,, outdated '.

,, We prohibit hunting with spears this fall '', announced the Ministry of Environment of Alberta.,, We have fisheries and game wardens instructed In the meantime, to examine whether existing law allows prosecution for this incident. ''

The 26-year-old American Josh Bowmar dropped in June to watch a movie on the Internet which is how he catches a bear in a trap and the animal then chases a spear through the heart. The bear runs a few tens of meters before he ineenzijgt. The camera is attached to the spear. The video unleashed a storm of outrage online.
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Bowmar is aware of oblivious.,, No one cares more about these animals than we hunters, '' he said.

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